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MySchool has English extra-curricular activities for children between the ages of 4 and 8. The objective is to offer a continuing language immersion experience through fun and dynamic learning, as well as supporting the development of social and artistic skills.

Dance workshop

Description: Dance classes designed for children to develop their body language while listening to English songs. An aerobic activity that promotes coordination and rhythm.

Benefits: Dancing is a highly a recommended activity that favours the right mental and physical development of children. It helps children improve their coordination, discipline, social skills and imagination in a fun and dynamic way, all while learning English!


Theatre workshop

Description: Theater is an exploratory and fun tool to learn and practice English. Children will play different characters as well as sing and dance. Every term ends with a show where families are invited to attend.

Benefits: Children improve their English by roleplaying within an environment that allows them to foster their creativity and concentration, strengthening their confidence and self esteem.

Cook and fun!

Description: Cooking classes designed to help children learn about healthy eating habits, food and its origin. Children cook simple dishes while having fun practicing English and expanding their vocabulary.

Benefits: Cooking offers great benefits for children among which we find the development of creativity, memory and organization, as well as the acquisition of healthy eating habits and improving their ability to work in teams.

Robotix Workshop: LEGO

Description: Robotics, science and technology class in English and through the LEGO experience.

PRESCHOOL (4 and 5 years old): Based on playful learning, this constructive activity encourages creativity and stimulates the use of descriptive language to express thoughts, create stories and learn through experimentation and discovery.

ROBOTIX 1 (6-8 years old): Children discover the world around them through robotics and complex machines and mechanisms. Through this learning experience children develop the following skills:

Develop solutions through a build, test and validate approach.
Divergent thinking, finding alternative solutions to challenges.
Learn to communicate, share ideas and work together.
• Innovation and entrepreneurship.
• Leadership.

General information

Activities for children 3-8 years
Groups: Maximum 12 children per classroom
Duration: 1.5 hours/week
Hours: 17h – 20h
Price: 60 €/month 1 weekly session (check our offers for 2 sessions a week or for more than one activity a week).
Teachers: English/American native teachers with experience in the respective workshops.